About Lillo1

The Brooklyn native grew up singing in his father’s church. A successful track star who qualified for the Olympic Games and went on to have 3 successful albums on Capitol records. His pulsating groove ‘You’re a Good Girl’ had all the nasty girls wanting to change their ways. ‘I’m In Love’, ‘Sexy Girl’ and the melodic foreplay of ‘Wanna Make Love’ were all Top Ten R&B singles. Sold out tours in the US , Europe and Brazil followed, including a record breaking run, opening for Eddie Murphy in 64 cities. Just as Lillo was about to have that year of stardom that artists crave, he made the decision to pause and wait to do it on his terms. As most young eager artists he signed a deal with limitations. ‘No animosity’ as Lillo acknowledges, ‘it was the vehicle to my future.you grow, you learn and how you handle that, makes you who you are.’ The industry was changing at that time as well. Lillo did not want to attempt to do music that was not him in an effort to ‘fit a format’. A savvy businessman Lillo was able to take that time and record in his studio as he experienced the ups and downs of life and love. A release of the ‘Best Of Lillo Thomas’ prompted a reawakened interest from his audience . He received emails and letters from fans who professed how his music had been there through special moments in their life. It was then that Lillo, who also felt that there was a return to R&B in the music climate, decided it is time to release the CD that he has just completed. ‘I did this one for me.’ But as Lillo found his experiences were not his own. Friends and family were asking for copies because they were going through the same emotions. ‘Come And Get It’ launching in early 2010, delivers his most personal music to date. ‘Only Son’ the painful, moving recollection of a broken home, a sultry remake of ‘Really Love to See You Tonight’. ‘Let’s Have Good Time’ is reminiscent of a flirty Friday night in the club. The lush ballad ‘Baby Girl’ re-teams Lillo with Paul Laurence the producer who was instrumental in Lillo’s early success. ‘I am glad that Paul and I had the opportunity to work together again as I have the utmost respect for him as a producer’ The new release is a showcase of sultry, sensitive songs of love, lust, betrayal and love again.

There are many talented singers out there, but Lillo’s unique voice is what separates him from the rest. Once heard, like the haunting memory of a familiar fragrance, you know its Lillo.